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ABA programmes

An ABA (applied behaviour analysis) programme focuses on helping your child (regardless of their age) develop their abilities through teaching new skills and promoting ready to learn skills. Progammes are tailored to the needs of the individual, reviewing what skills they have and what would be helpful for them to learn.


Skills taught during ABA programmes can include safety skills such as stay with me when walking, self-care skills e.g. toilet training and cooking, communication skills such as asking for things and understanding what others are saying, academic skills such as reading and maths. Social skills and play skills can also be taught, helping your child to interact with others and engage in leisure activities during freetime. 


The emphasis within each individual's programme will also reflect how old they are, and what activities their peers are likley to be doing, as this will support them to spend time engaging with peers. This can also include teaching the necessary social skills. For young children this will include an emphais on play skills. For older children and adults skills targeted may include household chores, managing money and personal care.

How does it work?

If you feel that an ABA programme is the right approach for your child, a consultant will work with you to:-

  • Complete an assessment of your child's skills and any challenging behaviour
  • Identify tutor(s) to work with your child, or whether you will act as tutor(s) or a combination of these
  • Establish specific goals for your child to work towards
  • Training for tutors and yourselves on how to help your child progress with their goals
  • Regular (every 4-6 weeks) review of your child's progress and establish new goals as your child progresses


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