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Behaviour support

Some children/adults with autism engage in behaviours that are dangerous to themselves, others or the world around them. These can result in injuries, and restrict their quality of life when it becomes no longer possible to take them to specific places or do certain things. This also has a big impact upon those around them, especially family life.


When working with children/adults who display challenging behaviours we look to explore why they are engaging in these behaviours. What is it that leads them to act this way, are their factors that make it more or less likely that they will react in this way.


Once we understand exactly why these behaviours are occuring we can look at teaching alternative ways for them to meet their needs, increase tolerance of everyday events as well as how to adapt the situation to reduce the likelihood of your child displaying the challenging behaviour.



Our behaviour support services include

  • Identifying what are the behaviours that challenge
  • Exploring why these behaviours occur
  • Understanding what makes these behaviours less likely to happen
  • Discover alternative appropriate ways of your child achieving their wishes
  • Develop a behaviour support plan 
  • On-going support as you implement the behaviour support plan

What would I need to do to access behaviour support?

As every child and family are different, we offer an inital free consultation to discuss the difficulties that you are experiencing and how we may be able to support you. 


Typically a behaviour support package will involve us coming out to meet you and any professionals, such as school or respite, to discuss further your child's strengths and challenges, and learn about their day to day life. 


We will do some observations of your child, looking at how they engage with others, and activities, plus what they enjoy and what they find difficult. If applicable we may do an assessment of their current abilities. You may be asked to collect some information related to the challenging behaviours during this time. 


True Colours Behavioural Services will then write a report, which will be sent to you prior to us meeting again.  We then host a meeting to look at what the report identified and the recommendations made, and how these may be introduced into your child's day to day life. You will then be supported to implement the recommendations by a member of True Colours Behaviour team. 


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