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Functional Behaviour Assessments

Some children with autism engage in behaviours that are dangerous to themselves, others or the world around them. These can result in injuries, and restrict their quality of life when it becomes no longer possible to take them to specific places or do certain things. This also has a big impact upon those around them, and limit the quality of their relationships with others.


A Functional Behaviour Assessment identifies exactly what are the challenging behaviours and the factors that lead to a person engaging in these behaviours. This includes exploring the antecedents, consequences and the role of motivation in the person exhibiting these behaviours. This leads us to understand why the person engages in these behaviours. The assessment will also include exploring what are the appropraite skills the person engages in to meet their needs.


Once we understand exactly why these behaviours are occuring we can look at how to effectively reduce engagement in this behaviour, using the least restrictive and most respectful methods. This may include teaching the person a replacement behaviour, such as communication to meet a need instead of using the challenging behaviour. It may include recommendations on how to support the person on a day to day basis, so they are less likely to engage in the challenging behaviour to meet an unmet need.


How is a functional behaviour assessment conducted?

As every child and adult with autism is an individual and their circles of support vary, True Colours Behavioural Services offers bespoke assessments.


The functional behaviour assessment will begin with a referral form being completed and a discussion with the person commissioning the assessment as to clairfy the objectives of the assessment and agree an action plan for completing the assessment.


The assesment is likely to include a meeting with those that support the person, to explore what the persons strengths and challenges are, as well as explore what the challenging behaviours are / things they would like to help the person achieve. Some form of data collection may be introduced so we can accurately identify how often the person is displaying challenging behaviours. There will also be some observations conducted by a member of True Colours Behavioural Services. Following this a report will be written and sent to the relevant people and a meeting arranged to review this and discuss recommendations. 


If it has been preagreed then a positive behaviour support plan will be developed with the persons circle of support, and hands on coaching will be arranged. 



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