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Positive behaviour support plans

Everyone wants to enjoy their life, and do the things that are important to them. For people who need the support of others it is important to consider how support is best provided for each individual.


Positive behaviour support plans are personalised plans that consider the type of support a person needs on a daily basis. Such as how do they communicate with others, what sort of activities do they enjoy, how do we help them do their chores / responsibilities and how we plan together for successful days. 


The plans also recognise that sometimes things happen that are challenging for the individual, and looks at how we best support them at these times, to get their day back on track. 

How are Positive Behaviour Support Plans developed?

In order to develop a positive behaviour support plan for an individual it is important to get to know the person. This will involve spending some time with the person, which may be observations, exploring their abilities in relation to communication, engaging in activities, and finding out how they like to be supported. It will also include liaising with the persons circle of support.


The plan will then be written by a member of True Colours Behavioural Services, in collaboration with the people who provide support to the person. 


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