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Teaching children with autism can present challenges. In addition to the curriculum needing to be adapted to meet their skill levels, they may also require individualised teaching strategies


True Colours can assess what skills the child has in detail, and identify the gaps in their knoweldge. As well as assess various autism focused teaching methods to support the child to learn new skills. 


Working in collaboration with the school, we can then set realistic targets for the child to work towards and give guidance on how to teach these. Additionally we can offer support on how best to help the child integrate into school life. 

Ways that an ABA programme in school may help

  • Ensure the learning needs of each pupil(s) are being met
  • Review of strategies to support inclusion of each pupil within the school 
  • Promote 'ready to learn' skills
  • Identify how best to teach each pupil(s)
  • Teaching social skills

How does it work?

A consultant from True Colours would work with a member(s) of your team, such as teacher / SENCO and LSA

  • Assess any behavioural issues, and develop behaviour support plan (if applicable)
  • Review student engagement in learning, and identify strategies to promote this further
  • Identify current skill levels 
  • Establish clear and precise targets for the student to work towards
  • Practical training for those providing direct support to the child
  • Regular review of progress and update targets


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