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Behaviour assessments in school

Some children with autism engage in behaviours that are dangerous to themselves, others or the world around them. These can result in injuries, and restrict their access to learning and fully engaging in school life. These behaviours can also have a detrimental effect on their quality of life outside school. 


When working with children who display challenging behaviours we look to explore why they are engaging in these behaviours. What is it that leads them to act this way, and whether this is rooted in a skill defecit.


Once we understand exactly why these behaviours that challenge are occuring we can look at how to adapt the situation to reduce the likelihood of displaying the challenging behaviour, as well as teaching alternative ways for them to meet their needs and engage in appropriate behaviour / learning.


How would a behaviour assessment be conducted in school?


If you feel this may be appropriate for one of your children, then please contact True Colours on 07714 783012 or email to discuss this further.


As every child is an individual and the needs of schools can vary, we offer a bespoke service which we identify with the school prior to beginning an assessment. 


The assessment is likely to include a meeting of the relevent people to identify what challenges you would like support with, and gain background information about the child. There will be some observations by a member of True Colours Behavioural Services, and those providing direct support may be asked to collect some information on the child's behaviours. A report will then be produced which will be shared with the school and a meeting to review this and advice on strategies the school could use to reduce the child's problem behaviour and promote engagement in learning and school life. 



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