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Positive behaviour support

Some children come to school and they require focused support from school to facilitate them engaing within school and promote learning. They may display behaviours that are dangerous to themselves, others or the environment, alternatively they may withdraw into themselves and simply wait for the school day to end. 


Positive behaviour support works to understand why each child is acting the way they are and work with the school to identify strategies to support the child to improve their behaviour and engaging in learning.

What does positive behaviour support involve

  • Identifying what are the behaviours that challenge
  • Exploring why these behaviours occur
  • Understanding what makes these behaviours less likely to happen
  • Promote alternative appropriate ways of your child meeting their needs
  • Strategies to promote engagement in learning
  • Develop a behaviour support plan collaboratively 
  • On-going support as you implement the behaviour support plan
  • Periodical reviews of the behaviour support plan


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